Smogon Masters I - Round 1, Bracket D

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I have a problem, the deadline is in less than 5 hours but is the night for me and i can't stay all the night for wait to playing the bo (i'm here now but during the next hour if he's not here, i will just sleep lol). I was here all the day (idk the gmt of my opponent) but no news of him, he said to play late today when it was the night for me (last night) but again, idk what is the difference of GMT between him and me, i was here yesterday too but no news too. The trying to "schedule" is on my wall but he's literally not active, he has started the conversation, i'm saying to playing Saturday during the day but nothing again, he just said last night to play "late today or Monday" but extends are apparently not accepted so?

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Asking for the act win.
My opp didnt answer to my vm while he was playing other tours this weekend

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The following games were flipped. If you did not play a game and did not face a Bye, and your game isn't here, it was subject to an activity decision by myself. You are welcome to reach out to me for clarification if you would like. Remember, no extensions can be granted.


ReadMeatMeal vs hellpowna
tpfire vs zaydapoketrainer
shojomojo vs 46m ツ
BMG vs UnzipsCrogre
kaiegurlmao vs chapado de ivern
Akaru Kokuyo vs Askov
yakarimseni vs Trade
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